Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Short Post

We managed to get out for a walk yesterday . The weather was really sunny but very cold . It made a change from the horrible rain , on Monday .I took my last comparison pics of the year . Remember this in early October.
All the leaves are gone AND somebody has taken the cows in , thank God. Last week when we went they were still there huddled near the gate looking very miserable . I'd made my mind up, if they had still been there , to report them to the RSPCA or something. Anyway they've been taken in now .

This was taken just above the tree line . The Lady Moon has just appeared high above the big cloud in the East .This was taken at 2-30 pm , very early .
This is the sun going down behind the Gasometers ,in the West , 10 minutes later .
We called in to see the ducks . There was over eighty , which is the most we've seen .Got a busy few days ahead now , only got Friday off . Then that's it for this year .

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ambermoggie said...

lovely pictures, hope you are rushed off your feet next few days:)