Sunday, 28 December 2008

Well ! That's it for another Year.

Well ! That's it for another year.It all went rather smoothly , though things got a bit hectic when all the dogs arrived . We'd had a trial run on Monday when Maggie and Bramble met for the first time and they hit it off OK. One good thing for Meg is that they ignore her and just chase one another round , with a bit of All in Wrestling in between . Here is a pic of THE cardie . The one that gave me mega arm ache . Suffice to say he loved it .
Every ones knitteds went down well except No 2 son's . Unfortunately it was a tad to big , and that is putting it mildly . Well one out of twelve isn't to bad is it ???
Bramble and Maggie hoping DH will drop some turkey on the floor. They never left his side the whole time he was carving .
These are all my pressies . Books ( DH , DD , No 3 S ) knitting needles ( DH ), candles & DS game (No 2 S ) , one of Amber's Femmes , perfume ( DD ), an Andean Plyer ( DH ) and the coloured slips of paper to the right of the Len Goodman book are tickets to see Status Quo in Glastonbury next Summer c/o No 1 son.
We had a lovely two days . DD and No3S came Christmas Day . Then on Boxing Day No 2 S joined us with the Grandchildren.
Yesterday we chilled . No visitors so we had a long walk in the nice frosty air . It was really sunny and it really cleared my head . We came upon this gorgeous pair on the lake . They'd nested here at the beginning of the year so they may come back again in the Spring. Dh did a mini survey for the BTO and he saw 15 bird species in just over an hour.
The afternoon was spent spinning and watching an old David Niven film.
Today we went to see No 2 Grandson as it was his birthday then went for a quick walk in the sunshine. More spinning planned for this afternoon.
The weather has been good these past few days and already the days are a few minutes longer . Remember what I said about days being a cocks crow longer after Solstice. It's true , just take note of when you switch the lights on of an evening :0)))

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