Friday, 5 December 2008

Secret Santas

Last night was Secret Santa Night at Preston Stitch'n ' Bitch..and as Papa Bear is the only male member he was nominated Santa and gave out all the pressies .
By a strange coincidence I got Black Purl in the draw and she got me . Spooky.
Here she is wearing the mitts I made for her .
And this what she got me . A lovely coil of hand dyed Merino . It's more purple than the pic shows . I don't think my camera likes purple cos every time I take a pic in this colour it comes out more blue than purple .
We had a lovely night , lots of laughs. It was our last meeting ,for now, as we have shows to do before Christmas but we are looking forward to the New Year and having loads of laughs .
I have been very remiss not posting this pic sooner . I did a swap with Artis Anne
for one of my Box Bags and this is what I got in return . Isn't it gorgeous ( i do use that word rather a lot ) isn't it scrumptious , yummy , fabulous , whatever ,take your pick . I LOVE IT .
It is my favourite fibre , Blue Faced Leicester and I'm saving it to spin over Christmas .
Anne is coming up in between Christmas and New Year and is going to teach me the secrets of Navajo plying so I'm hoping to get it spun into singles by then :0))) Watch this space .


ambermoggie said...

Santa looks very happy with his job:) Love the merino and the gloves you made.

Artis-Anne said...

What a lovely Santa he makes :) Your S&B sounds like fun and my camera doesn't like purple either,which is a shame as its one of my fav colours .
As I scrolled down I thought ,I know that fibre ;) I am just so glad you liked it .I LOVE my bag its , how you say ? gorgeous ;) No truly it really is and so handy for taking my knits with me