Monday, 1 December 2008

Winter's Here

As December has decided to make a very cold entrance I have changed my little ingle nook homaage to Winter. It does make a difference having the candle glow in the hearth ,it makes it feel warmer and I like to change it with the seasons .This will do nicely till Yule .
It was a very hard frost last night and this is what Jack left behind . It was minus four when we got up , so I dressed accordingly . Tights ,hand knit woolly knee socks and vest under my clothes. I've been nice and arm all day .

We've kept the waterfall going for the birds and the freezing weather has made a beautiful pattern in the net we have covering the pond .
We've had some new visitors to the garden as well , a pair of Gold Crests , to quick for us to take a photo . DH was thrilled to bits , as this is the first time we've had them in the garden . He is a member of the BTO ( British Trust for Ornithology ) and is a keen bird watcher .

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ambermoggie said...

looks very warming:)