Sunday, 21 December 2008

Solstice .

Today is Winter Solstice , the shortest day. I can't burn a real Yule log but I've done my best.
After today the days will begin to get a tiny bit lighter . My Gran used to say that after Solstice daylight was a Cock's Crow longer. To celebrate Solstice I have decorated the house and filled it with candlelight .
I have a quite a collection of Snowmen so I've set some dancing round a big candle .

All trimmed up . I love decorating the house . It makes it look so warm .
Yesterday we went to the Moggs for a Solstice Eve lunch and to exchange gifts. They gave me a lovely book and one of Amber's Femmes . DH got a leather bound note book and we both got a joint pressie of a lovely embroidered picture . Unable to post pics of these as the camera decided to play up just as I was taking the photos . Sorry Amber.
I did manage to take a pic of my Super Duper skein winder that Mr Mogg made me .It's great .
We did a deal , he made me this and I made Amber a knitting bag . I like swaps .
I'm nearly ready for Christmas . Still got the baking to do so , as we have one of our Grandsons staying tonight , I've decided to do it tomorrow and let him help just like his Dad used to do .

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ambermoggie said...

looks wonderfully festive:)