Sunday, 7 December 2008

Grassington Dickensian.

This is a very pictorial Posting because I took loads of photos yesterday and I couldn't decide which to put on , so I put the lot on .
Yesterday was the second Saturday in the Grassington Dickensian Festival .Again we set off early , 6-00am , to give ourselves more time to set up . It was a very uneventful journey , the roads and sky were clear but what a surprise when we got to Grassington . They had, had the predicted heavy snowfall earlier in the week and it was touch and go whether the festival would have to be cancelled . There was a terrific amount of snow still about but apparently lots of local people and all the shopkeepers had worked VERY hard to clear the paths and roads so that the festival could go ahead . It was very important that it should as, like the rest of us this year, Grassington has had a very lean time . The footfall that this event was doubly needed .
The first few pics are of the lovely window displays in the village . The rest are a pictures I took as I wandered through the village after we'd set up ." More Cheese Gromitt "
Christmas goodies
The Art Shop
The Main Street Through Grassington
Snowy Cottage

Village Square
Village Square
Lane off the main street.
Hows that for a pile of snow . Look at the blue sky.
More snow covered houses.
This is Clem , The Boss , who oversees the Craft Fair .
It was a very busy day people wise but we did not start any decent selling till 1-45pm . In the end we didn't do to badly ,though again the sales were way down on last year .
Next Saturday is the last one . If you can I'd recommend you to pay this event a visit . If you're not in a Christmas mood when you get there you sure will be by the time you leave.
We have two more events besides Grassington , Thursday in Blackburn Town Centre , by the Old Town Hall . Sunday at Salmesbury Hall . nr Blackburn.
Hope to see some of you there.


Artis-Anne said...

What great photos Ursula, very Christmasy and looks straight out of a Dickens tale ; especially Clem :)

ambermoggie said...

fabulous pictures:)

Dajon said...

A great Christmasy post.
Would love a mouch around those