Sunday, 30 November 2008

Thank God for heated windscreens and Cats Eyes

I can't believe it's a week since I Blogged , never mind.
We did Blackburn on Thursday but it doesn't warrant much of a mention . Except that that we made a little bit of money and it was free so we didn't lose anything.
Now for the heated windscreen and cats eyes . Yesterday we did Grassington Dickensian.and this is what we woke up to . Fog , lots of it and freezing at that . DH got up just after five and was letting me have another half hour , as it's a long journey ,but came straight back up stairs to tell me about the weather . I quickly decided that an earlier start was necessary . This is where the heated windscreen came in handy as it melted the ice in quick time. We set of at six with a very low visibility . The first 40 mins was on the motorway , not much traffic , but I had to keep putting the windscreen heater on as the screen kept icing up and making visibility even worse. Once we had come off the motorway it was unlit country roads for 25 miles . This is where the cats eyes came in . They kept me going in line . the journey took us about 20 minutes longer than usual but I kept my nerve and just took my time . By the time we got to Grassington there was nothing.
This is the stall when I had finished setting up .
Grassington wasn't as busy as it used to be and the takings where way down from last year . I've been doing this venue for over 14 years an have always done well but I think with the present economic climate things have taken a tumble. We did OK and I was grateful that we did. There's two more yet so things may buck up.
I have just come down from my workroom and it is all tidied up , everything is put away and my machines are covered. This is another sign of the times , I have nothing to make . There is enough stock to last what shows we have left . This has never happened before . I'm usually making things right up to the last show . Ah ! well I can get on with my Christmas knitting and get on with my beloved spinning. :0)

Look what the frost did to a spider's web in the garden .
Here's a bit of Ahhh . We did a bit of baby /puppy sitting this week . No3 son left Bramble with us whilst he went to look at some house to rent . As usual Meg was great and they played well . Suddenly play stopped and Meg bent her head down to Bramble . It just looks like Bramble is whispering into " Auntie " Meg's ear . Everybody say Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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ambermoggie said...

what a great stall when it is alls et up