Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Learning to Knit

Today is November the 5th . So what you might think , it's bonfire night . Well bonfire night is special to me , not because of fireworks or anything like that . Bonfire Night is special because one such night 54 years ago I learnt to knit. The weather had been the usual wet, miserable , dark Novemberish stuff we get . It was pouring with rain and Mum said it was to wet for me and my 11 year old sister , Helen ,to set fireworks off . Being just six years old I was a bit miffed , so to placate me she said she would teach me to knit . So i had a rummage in her bag and found some bright red wool to knit a scarf for my Teddy. My Mum casted on twenty stitches and proceeded to teach me to knit , watched and encouraged by Helen . I loved it and soon got to grips with " round ,over , through , off " . The memories are particularly poingnant as eleven days later Helen died as the result of being knocked down by a car ,whilst crossing the road on a Zebra Crossing. So my learning to knit has bitter sweet memories but it will always be my first love as far as crafting is concerned. The scarf was finished , all be it with a few holes in it :-)) Onto present day knitting . I've been knitting socks for the stall and decided to tart them up a bit, with a more professional looking label instead of just a swing tag with the price on. I'm quite pleased with my efforts . Hopefully it may encourage people to buy :-))
I can't finish this blog without mentioning the Craft fair on Sunday or I will get shot . The fair was arranged by John , from Dajon Designs , at the Dalmeny Hotel in St Annes . We had a lovely time and better still we made a profit . It was nice seeing some old crafting friends . An added bonus was that we got to watch the Sun going down over the sea. Quite dramatic . I'm getting quite a collection of sunset pics now . I'll have to Papa Bear painting again .

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ambermoggie said...

Bittersweet memories Ursula but the good things come from them as well.
Sending hugs and no fireworks Love the new way of packaging the socks:) The picture is gorgeous of the sunset, get Papa to get the easel out again:)