Sunday, 16 November 2008

Sunny Sunday.

First a little update on the trees on the Railway walk .This is the pic that i took six weeks ago .
This was yesterday . A bit dark but you can see by the skyline that all but a few of the leaves are gone now . The walk is now quite light as the canopy of leaves has fallen leaving a rich carpet of colour on the path.

Meg had her best mate , Maggie , with her as well . DD had come over for a couple of hours . Maggie had a whale of a time trying to catch Meg.
Little and Large in the back of the car after there run round. They'll soon be joined by No. 1 son's pup , Bramble ,now she's had her injections. Christmas Day is going to be fun when they all come home :-)))
Just to show I've not been idle . Four crocheted bags for the stall . When we were up in Cumbria this Summer on one of my numerous trips to the Wool Clip , several hanks of hand dyed Herdwick wool found their way into my stash ( weell they jumped in when I wasn't looking ) It is an excellent yarn for bags , as it's hard wearing and if crocheted in a firm tension it makes a nice thick fabric without having to felt it . The colours are quite muted , giving an earthy , tweedy look to the bags . I've got some lichen greens as well , which i think will make up well .
We are off up to Cumbria on Tuesday to visit Cecilia and the Birds at Askew Rigg Farm , but no doubt the car will get to Caldbeck on auto pilot for some more .


ambermoggie said...

that auto pilot is a magical thing:)
Lovely pictures

Artis-Anne said...

Great pics and wasn't Sunday great weather wise?
LOL funny that, some of that Herdwick jumped into my bag too, livley thing isn't it ? Not started my bags as yet though !!
Have fun with Cae