Saturday, 1 November 2008

Dull November Brings the Blast.

Well November has brought the blast . A very cold blast of air that froze my car last night . I had to scrape the windscreen off before we could go out this morning . It was early though , 8-15 a.m. More of that later . It has been cold all day but definitely not dull . The suns been shining brightly since about 9-00am. I can't believe we are in November already . It doesn't seem like two minutes since we came back from Cumbria .The days are very short now since the clocks went back and will shorten even more till the Solstace in December . It makes me want to hibernate . But I have plenty to do between now and Christmas .
We went on our usual walk . Some people ask do we not get bored going to the same place .Well at the moment with being busy getting ready for the Christmas it's hand and we can let Meg off to stretch her legs and we've been able to watch the seasons changing. This pic shows how the canopy is opening up since the leaves have fallen . By the end of the month the trees will be bare.
This the picture of the field of cows I took about three weeks ago .
This is the same field taken this morning . You can see the leaves have gone and you can see the branches at the top . I do wish someone would take this cows in though , there can't be any goodness left in the grass , they should have been taken in weeks ago .

Now the reason we were up and out so early . It was so Papa Bear could collect sticks ,to lay down for next year, for making shepherds crooks and walking sticks . You have to do it early or people will wonder what you are up to :-))
The other reason was so I could get this lot finished in time for the Craft Fair tomorrow .
This pic isn't so good because of the dark stand . I have made 200 various felt Christmas Decorations over the past four days .My fingers are numb , as they are all made by hand . Lets hope I sell some :-)). Well i'd better go and finish packing the car then I'm going to put my feet up and watch Strictly Come Dancing and knit.

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