Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What a busy week :-))

I have had rather a busy week . Apart from the little bit I put on here on Sunday i haven't had time to blog. I've finished all the felt Christmas decs for the stall , 300 all together . Just a few bits to do and that's it . if I sell out , I sell out.
I've not just been busy making stuff though . We were out Thursday night at Preston S'N'B . Then we got invited out Friday night , to Ambermoggie's .
Artis-Anne and her other half were up from the wilds of Wales , so the 6 of us had really good evening , chatting and knitting and generally putting the knitting world to rights .
We don't usually go out in the evening and both these events wouldn't have happened if I hadn't joined Ravelry , an online knitting community . We've met so many new people since joining. This is a log basket :-) what do you put in a log basket . Logs ???
Nooo. Knitting . Lots of it .

And if you've got two , you fill the other with rovings for spinning.
The first one was a damn bargain at the local Dunhelmn , £9-99. The other was brought back from Somerset. They're great and keep everything together.
Now for some busy pictures.
This is what I've been making . Handy project bags and needle holders for knitters.
I've got lots of gorgeous fabrics to make some more.
I've knit these. I'm using Blue Faced Leicester DK and it's like knitting butter.
and I've knit these , using Jacob's wool in an Aran weight.
I've also knit two more pairs of socks but forgot to take pics before I took them to the farm shop . Not a bad weeks work . Amber says it's because the moon is waxing that I'm so productive. We'll see what happens next week when it's on the wain.
I've had the results from the Xray, I had two weeks ago , on my poorly shoulder. Everything is fine . There is no Arthritis , thank God , it's just muscular. The doc offered me a Cortisone injection :-(( which i declined . Me and needles don't go together ,unless they have knitting on them :-))) So he suggested Physio , to which i agreed :-). But when I went to the reception to book it , i was told there was a waiting list of about 13 weeks :-( . I said it would probably be better by then . So last night I had a session with the hot wheat bag and DH rubbed it with muscular rub aaand this morning it felt much better :-))) . So as it's nothing to do with my bones ,I'm going to carry on with that .


ambermoggie said...

You have been busy:) Love the log basket idea, not that I have room for anything like that as you know. The bags are a brilliant idea and perfect for Yule gifts. Hope you sell out of everything:))

Cecilia said...

Try Arnica gel for your shoulder - if you don't have any, I've got some here so you'll HAVE to come & visit soon!

All such beautiful work as usual :)


Artis-Anne said...

WOW love the new improved bags , bet they will be a sellout and I am with you re log basket and baskets in general, mmm I have 'few'dotted here and there in various sizes, full of bits . So enjoyed our get together and looking fwd to the next :)
I agree with Cecilia arnica is good and especially if applied as a poultice. I too am a wheat bag addict especially with a few drops of lavendar oil !!