Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Day Out :-)

We jumped ship yesterday and had a day out in Cumbria , before the big rush of shows , starting next Thursday . Seems we picked the best day , it was gorgeous and sunny all day.
Our first port of call was Askew Rigg Farm ,where we stayed in the Summer , to see Ruth and Ernest Bird. They were very pleased to see us . We booked our caravan pitch for next year. We are only going up for three weeks instead of our usual six but it will be nice. There are quite a few shows to do during the time we are up there.This is a view of the farm i took during the Summer on one of the rare fine days . The four white blobs in the middle are caravans .
This is Ernest Bird of Askew Rigg sat on his specially adapted quad . We call it his Popemobile . It keeps him dry and enables him to still get up on the fells to tend his herd of Highland Cattle .Even though he's 80 he still puts in a full days work on the farm , helped by his son and grandson .

After having lunch with the Birds we just had to call in at Wool Clip . The car park was unexpectedly full . Perhaps it was the good weather that brought people out.
Look at all this yummy yarn . The little ehem!! pile in the foreground was mine . Well you can't go to Wool Clip and not buy anything , I'm supporting the local economy . That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I got some more lovely Herdwick for bags :-))))
After our visit to Wool Clip we went on to see Cecilia .
This face was at the window when we went into the woolroom. Cecilia is working very hard at the moment sorting out all the applications for Woolfest, single handedly ,so it was nice she could spare some time for us to visit . We had a lovely couple of hours chatting about knitty things and Woolfest. ( Only 31 weeks off ) Goat kept an eye on us the whole time we were there . I came home with 200 grms of Cecilia's home grown Blue Faced Leicester yarn . I am keeping this all for me cos I know exactly where it's come from.
We stayed long enough to see the Sun go down . This is the view Cecilia has from her lovely light workroom , imagine seeing this all the time . Another perfect end to another perfect day .


kokyo52 said...
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ambermoggie said...

what a great day out:) Notice you didn't put a pic of the yarn from Cecilia?

goooooood girl said...
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Ursula said...

The yarn I got from Cae unwashed and undyed I will post it when it's presentable :-)