Sunday, 9 November 2008

Remeberance Day ( doing our bit )

We did our little bit to help The Royal British Legion today . We've never done it before but on Tuesday I got a call from Big Brother , not THEE Big Brother , mine . Michael organises the Poppy Appeal for a large part of North West Lancashire and works tirelessly all year round for the British legion . Anyway he rang me up with his " how's my favourite sister" line , so I knew he was after something . He'd run out of volunteers to man the Poppy Stall at our local Sainsburys and wondered if we could manage two hours this morning . I said yes , of course . So we did our two hours and we were quite amazed at peoples generosity , it was heart warming . Especially the number of young people buying their poppies. We came home with a heavy pot . I think we'll put our names down as volunteers next year it was two hours well spent . Papa Bear behind the stall .
This afternoon is going to be spent watching an old film on the tele and knitting . It's bitter cold and sleeting outside so I think the sofa is the best place :-))))

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Dajon said...

Well done
you two
Take care