Sunday, 23 November 2008

Nearly There

It's a horrible cold, wet , windy November day outside ,so I thought i'd show you a bit of colour.I'm nearly there with my preparations for the up coming fairs . I finished the wall of bags this morning . I was going to cut out a set of smaller ones but as it is very cold and my attic workroom is like a fridge I've postponed that till tomorrow. I have got a heater up there but with the fuel prices so high now i'm a bit loathe to put it on. So I just go up there for short spells .These bags will be getting their first airing on Thursday at the Blackburn Christmas Market . That's if we get there. We've been studying the one way system in the town centre and it looks like a Krypton Factor job .
I Love all the new fabrics I've found .

Nice close up of the finishing touch . My friend Carol has made me these glass zip fobs to add a practical and professional look to the bags . I'm really pleased with the end product. Hope you are . If you get to any of my fairs be sure to let me know who you are ,I offer a discount to Ravelry members and Bloggers who read my Blog.
We've had a busy week ,social wise . We've never been in . Monday Lostock Hall Craft Group , Tuesday trip to Cumbria , Thursday Preston S'N'B and topped off yesterday by a visit and lunch with Mogs , Amber and Bob . The boys played chess , in the kitchen and me and Amber knitted and nattered in the living room . Meg curled up on her bed . We had intended a walk on the beach but it was far to cold .

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Anyway we didn't have time for the beach:)