Monday, 26 January 2009

This and That

It's over a week since I last Blogged Ohm. Very remiss of me but there's not much been going on .I've been hanking wool up ready for dyeing and doing a lot of other prep work for my other crafts so not much to show . We've been having our usual walks and keeping an eye open for Mother Nature to waken up . Have you noticed how the days are lengthening , it's still quite light as I write this . It won't be long before the first buds start to appear , can't wait . I I have got a bit of something to show you however . I posted a pic last week of my Blue Faced Leicester, that Artis-Anne had swapped me , on the wheel . Well here it is all finished and Navajo plyed. I'm getting quite addicted to this method of plying , you get a lovely effect . Think it's going to be a pair of socks .
I've been doing a bit of dealing as well . I had a load of Rowan Chunky wool that I will never knit now ,as knitting chunky sets my shoulder off . So I put it on Classifieds on Ravelry . I did quite well . I swapped the wool above for ten balls , I sold two lots of ten balls and I sold my, now defunct, umberella swift ( that's a skein winder ) Not bad at all , the money has gone into my piggy bank for Wonderwool Wales :0)

I've been spending a bit on E Kemps website as well . This my friends is a absolute bargain . Kemps have been selling Patons Jet , wool /Alpacac mix for 69p a ball , it should have been £3-95 a ball , I just could not resist . Me and DH are having a knitting fest all of our own . Nice warm cardies and jumpers .
This is going to be our new veg plot . DH went out in the back yesterday supposedly to cut back the shrubs over the arbour ready for dimantling it , next time I looked the whole lot was down . It's a start though . He says he'll do it as and when the weather is nice , that way he won't get over tired . Another can't wait , load of fresh veggies . Watch this space .
And this week the entry forms have started to arrive for all the shows , things are starting to buzz again .

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Artis-Anne said...

Oh nice 'bit o spinnin' missus ;)
WOW you did buy a lot didn't you LOL Great bargains though weren't they :)