Saturday, 19 September 2009

And Time Goes by.

Why is it about this time of year i want to start having a clear out. Every year as soon as I get back from Cumbria , after a few days rest i have to start sorting things out and chucking out the dross collected over the past year . Maybe it's because I'm getting ready to hunker down for the Winter that I have to do this strange thing in the Autumn. Anyway the back bedroom and the woolroom got the chucking out treatment this week and I know where everything is , for now at least. I had a computer table to dispose of so like a good girl I took it to the local hospice shop and whilst there looked for a bookcase , which i duly found . I also found this little beauty........ My very own Captain's chair. Whilst at Annie's last week I used her captain's chair to sit on whilst I spun and it was so perfect for the job . I HAD to have one . I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it . Actually there were two so I got the other for DH .

As you can see "Perfick "
I can spin for hours now in comfort :0)

Been knitting as well . A lovely little shawllette . It was destined for the stall but I really like it soooo........
I've been busy all afternoon updating the Blogshop with lots of goodies . the pic above is just a taster . 100% Merino in a choice of weights and in my new Winter Solstice range of colours ideal for warm hats and scarves .

Lastly a little udate about Bobby.

Alas my darling brother is still unconcious and there is very liitle change in his condition . I have been to see him several times and when I've been he's had his eyes open . When i speak he seems to know I'm there so I'm holding on to that . Several tests and scans have proved inconclusive and the specialist is at a loss at the moment as to why he hasn't come round . Please dear friends continue to send your positive thoughts , prayers and healing Karma in the hope that like Rip van Winkle he'll wake up from his long sleep . X

Now as I've been at this computer since 2-00pm and it's now 7-00 pm I think I deserve a large glass of something and to put my feet up .

Wha ho !! I've just noticed I have gone over 10.000 visitors to my Blog since I started keeping a check in Jan 2008 . There are a few more as I've been Blogging since Oct 2007 Nice though :0)

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Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

lovely chairs. Bobby will be in our thoughts for the autumn equinox ceremony at the well