Wednesday, 9 September 2009

We Haz Sunshine Yeh!!!!!!

As the title suggests the Sun came out to play this morning and it was so gorgeous we simply had to go for a long walk so off we went to Rivington for a walk round the reservoirs . This Comma butterfly was enjoying the Sun as well .
A sign of climate change here . About 15 years ago you wouldn't have seen this butterfly up here . Apparently if you drew a line between the Mersey and The Wash this species never came above it .
There are some lovely old houses along this walk .
Blue Skies
I love the silhouette of this dead tree against the sky.
Fishing in the reservoir
Looking right down the big reservoir.
It was so good to be out and feeling the Sun on my back after the past few horrible weeks . It makes me feel like doing things so after I've finished this I'm going to blitz my workroom .
I've been enjoying my R&R after the trauma of Cumbria . I've been spinning ( Bliss ) and doing a bit of knitting and generally chilling out . We are off to Wales at the weekend to spend a few days with Artis-Anne and her DH . Another dear friend who I have met through Ravelry . This online community is great I've met such a lot of interesting people . My eldest says it's like Facebook for knitters .
I'm going to update my Blogshop over the next few days . I am hoping to get an Etsy shop up and running soon I just need to get my head round it . Till then there will be new yarns and stuff in my little shop. Right grab black bags and head for the workroom :0)

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