Friday, 4 September 2009

I'm Home ( and never been more glad to be so )

Cumbria Tour 2009
We are back from Cumbria and never been more glad to walk through our front door . I thought last year was bad but this year took all the gold medals for being bad . The weather has been atrocious and being in a caravan it magnifies it a hundred fold . I don't think we've had a single night of uninterupted sleep .
We lost Appleby Show due to me having a Megraine through lack of sleep but it was a terrible day and apparently was a wash out.
We lost Brough Show as I had to come home to see my brother but it was terrible etc etc
We lost Ennerdale Show as the weather was terrible etc etc and the apparently the tent blew down .
We managed to do Patterdale Dog Day and acctually took some money . Yeh
We managed to do Grasmere Sports and took even more money Yeh !! but it rained none stop from 11-00 a. m. So much so that we decided not to do Keswick Show . As you can see from the pics below it was a good decision . This was the straw that broke the camels back . Mud .
and a lot more mud .
These pictures are care of Ann Bowker a Lakeland Photographer .
It's been soul destroying and has left us with no option but to give up on the shows in Cumbria . We are far to dependent on the weather . We came home early in a storm but as we got over Shap on the motorway it stopped raining and by the time we got home the sun was shining and for the first time in ages we were warm .
We did manage one day out when it stayed dry for a few hours . This is Castle Howe ,a magical place . Apparently it was the last place in England where Faeries were seen . I can well believe it as when i was walking round something kept buzzing in my ear and it wasn't flies or bees .
DH and Meg in the quiet hollow .
I didn't even bother to take my hundreds of photos this year as they would have all been the same . Wet and dismal .Unlike my promise of last year we will not return.
Fibrefest 2009.
We came home half way through our Cumbrian debacle to attend Fibrefest in Devon . Unfortunately for us it was a none event and takings were very low . If we decide to do it again it would have to be included in a holiday .
There was one highlight though the B&B we stayed at Barleycorn House.
To say it was excellent would be putting it mildly and would recommend it to everyone . There was even a Bonio biscuit put out every day for Meg . Along with her own water bowl and towel . The pic is of the view we had from our room . We also had a lovely Saturday night in the B&B lounge with Gemme , Sarah , Julie and Rachel . Girls from our SnB also down for Fibrefest . We spent the evening knitting and singing along to the Mama Mia DVD .

Bobby .
Last but by no means least my brother Bobby .
He is still hanging in there after nearly three weeks . I went to see him again last night for the first time since I got back , though I have been in touch with my sister-in-law everyday for updates on his condition. The doctors say there is little change but he seemed more reasted and had his eyes open for quite a while ,whilst I was there . I am SURE he knew I was there .
Please continue sending positive vibes / Karma and prayers as I am sure they help. If you are not a Blogger and wish to get in touch my email is info(at)laalbear(dot)co(dot)uk replace the words with symbols. Thank you to all who have left comments up to now .
In Conclusion.
August has not been a kind month at all and I was glad to see the back of it .
I am now going to have a rest from shows as I am completely drained and very nearly broken . The next couple of months will be filled with what I want to do . Walk , knit , rest and most of all spin and Blog of course as there is the small matter of a Status Quo Concert to blog about . Isn't there :0)


elaine said...

sorry to hear you had such a rotten time in cumbria - we are all sick to death of the rain as well. It's the third wet summer in a row. My sister & I were pleased to see you at Grasmere. Will you continue to do Woolfest?

Laal Bear said...

I most certainly will and don't forget the invite to come down :0)