Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Jam , Ma'am ????

I've finally come down from cloud nine after seeing Bobby on Monday so it's back to production. From the house smelling like Pledge's Pickle Factory last week it is now smelling like Robertson's Jam Factory. Yes it's part two of preserve making . The pickles are all packed away . I made piccalilli , pickles and pickled red cabbage.
Above you see Damson jam bubbling in the pan this morning .
Blackberry waiting for their lids
All done . I have made nine jars each of Blackberry , Blackcurrant, Mixed Fruit, Damson and Plum . I've really enjoyed making them and watching the full jars pile up . They will all be packed into boxes then used throughout the year . Some will be gifted to family and friends .
I've also been spinning .
I got this gorgeous ball of fluff on Saturday from Dannielle at FeltstudioUK . It's some of her hand dyed Merino /Tencel and it's like spinning a cloud.
I am trying my utmost to spin it as fine as I can cos I think it will make a nice shawlette .
That's it for today I've got floors to scrub . Cue Status Quo to help me along :0)


Xtiand said...

Mmm the jam in the pan looks so good, you are working hard just now!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

gorgeous fibre and spinning there U:) Love the jam stash as well