Sunday, 4 October 2009

Autumn Chill.

There's definately a chill in air, that's why I've started to knit this lovely warm jumper for going walking in . I'm reducing the Jet Mountain again :0) . It's so warm and perfect for this project.
There's quite a few pattern changes so I don't get bored.
I've also treated myself to a nice new Winter dressing gown and just like Christopher Robin's it's got a hood . Tried it out last night after my bath and it's Perrfick :0)
The heating has gone on for the first time as well , so Autumn has arrived .
I've been very busy today taking pics and updating the Shop . Why not stroll over and take a look here. There's lots of new fibre and sock yarn . I've rejigged it so that you can click on the sidebar links and go straight to the section you want . Happy Browsing . I'm off to do a bit of spinning to chill out after the trauma of spending most of the day on the ' puter.

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