Wednesday, 7 October 2009

More Good News and loads of pics :0)

I think this picture speaks volumes .This is what all your positive thoughts , good Karma and prayers have achieved . Bobby is out of bed for the first time and in a chair . He has managed to have a drink of water and has eaten a yogurt . All massive milestones on his way to recovery . I am absolutely over the moon . Seven weeks ago I thought i was going to lose the brother I'd idolised all my life but now he's making the long , slow journey back .
Please keep up your thoughts and prayers cos as you can see it's working:0)

Now back to the more mundane .
These next pics are of the full Moon last weekend . Wasn't She bright .
Hiding behind a cloud . It was such a clear night for taking pics .
Last Sunday as Papa Bear and I were on our way across the field with Meg we past a house hwere a lady was giving her lavander bush a haircut . The smell was overpowering and I asked her if she was going to dry it . She replied that it was going in the compost bin. I was horrified what a waste . So I quickly " rescued " the lot . As you can see there was ' a lot ' .
It's now tied into bunches and drying on my rack . Lavender bags I think .

The next pics are of our Autumnal walk this morning.
There was a distinct chill in the air . I think this was the chilliest morning we've had up to now .
A spider's handy work . There were loads of webs but this was the best.
I love this walk in Autumn . The colours are fantastic .
This tree always facinates me . There must be thousands of shoots comong up from the bottom of the trunk .
As usual Meg enjoyed running up and down in the leaves .
These mushrooms were huge . About six inches tall . Haven't discovered what they are yet . Any ideas ??
This is what's left of an astrological candle I have had burning for Bobby . I didn't put it in a holder , i just let it burn and melt down onto the base of my hearth . The cones have stuck to it as well . Isn't it fascinating . I can see a Green Man in there .


Spindlers2 said...

They are shaggy ink caps, I think. Pretty!


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

fabulous picture of Bobby:0 I love the walk Ursula, will have to come over and go there with you.

Dajon said...

Glad to read of Bobby's improvement
May this continue.

Love D&J XX

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

I worked at Cuerden Hall, Bamber Bridge, for years, a few decades ago! Know that region very well. Fine pictures of the shaggy ink caps too, at their best stage.

So glad your brother is recovering. The trees of West Cork are sending their strength.