Sunday, 18 October 2009

Away Day

Yesterday I had an Awayday. It's the first i've had for a few years.
Let me explain. Some of you readers know my DH suffers from Epilepsy and a few years ago it wasn't as well controlled as it is now. When I wanted a day to myself , as you do , I used to take him to his Mum's then take off some where for the day . At the time British Rail were advertising special day tickets for trips out called Awaydays so that's where i got the name from. Anyway she died and I had no one else to leave him with . My children don't live close and all work . I've had a couple of hours away to go to town but the chance came for me to have a whole day away and I grabbed it with both hands . When your with somebody 24 / 7 it can get very tedious so i was eager to go . This is where i went . To the Eden Valley Spinners Dyers and Weavers Guild . I had a lovely day with like minded people . I also had a nice surprise , the lady who taught me to spin , Therese , was there as well . She was very pleased to see me and I her. I showed her my latest spinning and she was very pleased and showed it off to some of the newbie spinners and told them how proud she was of me . I was very touched as in all my life no one has ever uttered the words " I'm proud of you " to me .Suffice to say thet after such a great day I have joined the Guild . It's a bit of a treck to get there , an hour and a half , but it worth it .

On the way home I had intened to visit Ernest and Ruth at Askew Rigg farm , where we stay in Cumbria but Sod's Law they'd gone away that morning.
As I wasn't in any rush to get home I decided to drive home through the Lakes instead of the motorway . Some thing I hadn't done in ages . It was a joy driving on my own the Sun was shining and the landscape was dressed in it's Autumn colours . I couldn't take any pics of Thirlmere as there is nowhere to park but I did manage to get a few on my way down .

This is Dunmail Raise but if you look at the top the rock formation looks like a man playing an organ . But .......
when you get round the other side it looks like a lion laying down with a lamb .
Mother Nature has been busy with her paint box on these trees .
Grasmere village is in the distance . I managed to take these pics in betwen cars passing :0)

I wanted to take some pics of Grasmere and was chunnering to myself that yet again there was nowhere to park when as I got round a corner the traffic was stopped at some traffic lights for roadworks so i quickly wound the window down and took this

before the traffic started to move again . What a stroke of luck .

A similar thing happened in Ambleside and I was able to snap The Bridge House as I was passing

I carried on down to Windermere where I called in at Lakeland Ltd . When I was trying to get out through the traffic I had a very strange occurance . I was nudging my way into the line of cars and a mini bus when out of the corner of my eye I saw a women frantically waving to me from the bus . When I looked closer I saw that it was my sister , how strange was that . But it gets better she had bumped into our other brother in Grasmere that morning . So we were all up in the Lake District at the same time and didn't know .
All in all it was a brilliant day and well worth waiting for :0)

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Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

It was a great day wasn't it? I love the lake district pictures. Your spinning is incredible and an inspiration to Mr Mog and I. Some day I hope to spin like you:)