Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I had an hour in the kitchen this afternoon.
I took some dark brown sugar and best butter
and a whole lot of mixed fruit .

Plain flour , ground almonds , spices and fresh eggs .
Can you guess what it is yet ? :0)
Mixed it all together.
Put it in a cake tin ( well it's not tin actually it's like rubber , very modern )
And baked for three hours on regulo 2 .
It will now go into the cupboard wrapped in foil and be taken out every week till Christmas and "fed "with copious ammounts of alcohol and then it will be decorated with marzipan , nuts and glace fruits just like the pic above of last years cake .
It was the first time I'd decorated my Christmas Cake that way and it went down a treat , so I thought I'd do it again:0)
The house smells lovely .

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Dajon said...

Happy Halloween

re previous posts :-
That Cake looks delish
Glad to see you doing some of your
other crafts

Looking forward to The Dalmeny Craft Fair.

We were out the other day when you rang and got in late, will return your call next week.