Monday, 28 September 2009

A day Out and the VERY best of news:0)

We had a day out on Saturday but before I tell you about that I have some good news about Bobby . We went to see him today and when we got there he was propped up with his eyes open and was definitely aware of his surroundings . We talked to him and when I asked him a question he replied "Yes" .I could have wept . He smiled at some funny remark DH made . But best of all he gave me a kiss before I left . It was the sweetest kiss I have ever had . It looks like all the positive Karma and prayers are working so I'm asking you to please keep it up . Thank you X
Now the day out . We ventured over the Pennines into Yorkshire . We went to the Masham sheep show . As you cam see the weather was absolutely scorching and the skies were so blue .
We met up with Artis-Anne and Tony and had a great time . I enhanced my fibre stash somewhat .
I met the Ripon Morris Men . Get a load of those hats :0)
Here they are dancing.
Loads of sheep of course . This fine fella won........
Best fleece at the show . It was gorgeous and thick . Looked very spinnable .
There was even a brass band
We came home through Leyburn and Hawes and I took this stunning photo of the Howgills .
On Sunday I thought I'd better sort my fibre basket out to put my new stuff in . So I put everything individual bags turns out I've got over 44 bags each with at least 100grms in each . Think I've got a fibre habit , can't help buying it . Wonder if there's Fibreholics Anonymous :0))


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Fabulous news about Bobby:)))
BTW Madam sorting fibre basket to put new stuff in, you can't just say that and not tell us what:)

koko said...

Such good news about your brother, and son says he will send me on the twelve step programme for fibre addicts (repeat after me)...I WILL RESIST...