Monday, 10 January 2011

A bit of Sunshine.

Had quite a nice weekend this weekend . On Saturday I was taken up to Sawley to a new Spinning Guild by my friend Doctina from S'N'B and Rav . It was great, everyone was so nice and came over for a chat and to see what I was spinning. Had a lovely surprise when one of the members turned out to be an old friend from the Show circuit ,who I hadn't seen all year . Surfice to say I've joined and when I'm able will take turns with Doctina with the driving .
As Sunday was another sunny day we decided to do our long walk , 7miles , round Brindle to do the bird count for the BTO/ Bird Atlas Survey .We've been doing this twice a year for the past four years . This is the final year for the survey . Only two more counts to do in the Spring .
It looks like I may be driving soon :0) I just need to get the battery charged and psych myself up to driving the car up to My Cousin the Mechanic so he can give it a service before I get back on the road proper . Oo er Missus I'm a bit nervous . NO !! I'm a lot nervous but I've had a few volenteers who have said they'll come out with me for a few times . Watch this space .

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