Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Small Challenge

Well I've started the New Year off with a small year long challenge .
I've joined the 26 Pair A-Z Sock Challenge on Ravelry.
The aim is to knit 26 pairs of socks using patterns from A-Z in alphabetical order over the coming year .
Here's my A socks all finished
The pattern is Alda Road Socks by Tricia Welton-Hinkle available on Ravelry free .
I'm afraid the pattern seems lost on the pics but in "real life " they look good .
I'm looking forward to knitting up the other patterns I've chosen and it will keep my sock knitting cravings at bay. 
As you may have noticed in the side bar I have joined the millions who Tweet by joining Twitter .
If you are one of this mad band you can find me there as Laalbear ( who else ??!! ) 
I'm trying to get my dyeing mojo back and have just taken delivery of some British Falkland Merino High Twist sock yarn . Phew that was a mouthful .It's gorgeous and soft and very sproingy . And I'm awaiting the arrival of some Sparkly Sock Yarn in early Feb .All should be ready in time for Wonderwool Wales in April .
We've booked our hols as well . We are having a belated Ruby Wedding Anniversary treat and going to Seaton in Cornwall for two weeks in a luxury apartment here.
We're going on the recomendation of our neighbours . The apartments are so close to the beach that you go to sleep listening to the sounds of the sea. That's good enough for me :0)

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Dajon said...

Glad to see you back in Blogging land. Good luck with the sock challenge. Those apartments in Cornwall look fab xx