Monday, 24 January 2011

Fibreholics Boxes

Can't think why I've never blogged about the Fibreholics Boxes before now . Could be with all the dross of last year I just didn't get round to it . Anyway I have now . 
Fibreholics is the place to sample a wide variety of UK independent dyers in one simple package.
The dyers send in 20grm samples of their wares and in turn they get sent out to people who buy a mixed bag of fibre or yarn .We get a fixed fee per sample paid to us . I've been doing it for a year now and it's been a Godsend with not working . It's meant I've had a little bit of income trickling in . Here are the samples I have sent in this time .
Lovely warm coloured Blue Faced Leicester .
And some nice cool coloured Blue Faced Leicester .
It was so bouncey I could hardly get the bag sealed up .

And things are still on the up for me as well .
I've been feeling much better this past couple of weeks . Dropping the Diazapam and getting back driveing have been huuuge steps . I feel at last I'm getting my life back on track .This week I hope to start dyeing fibres and yarns to get ready for Wonderwool in April .I've made a decision about Wonderwool as well . We usually take the caravan down and stay on site but this year as I wasn't to keen on towing i have decided to book B&B . It's taken a lot of pressure off me as I won't be moidering whether I can do it or not. 
Well off to put some fibre to soak .TTFN

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