Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Normal Service .

Normal Service has resumed at Chez Bears .I'm back behind the wheel properly and zooming about . I've not had any probs and it's been like I was only off the road a few days rather than months. 
The best thing is we can resume our Railway Walks instead of traipsing round the back field . Meg is loving it .
We can also get heavy shopping again . You are a bit restricted with a shopping trolley .
Hospital appoinments will no longer be a problem , though I have to say a big thank you to Liz from S'N'B ,who put herself out to take us to Blackburn every month. Also a big thank you Sarah , also from S'N'B who has picked us up every Thursday for the past few months .

B Socks

Beatrix Socks
As you can see I have finished my 2nd sock for the Sock Challenge . I'm enjoying this and can't wait to cast on Socks C  . But I will have wait till the 1st of Feb to do that :0(
Never mind I've plenty of other knitting and spinning to do .

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Dajon said...

Great News, and love the new look x