Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Onward And Upwards

I've had quite a good day today . Ok so the bloody car still won't start even after a day on the charger but I'm not getting stressed out about it . I've not driven since last June a few more days aren't going to make much difference.
Anyway back to the good day.
I took my last quater of a tablet yesterday morning and as yet haven't had the wazzy head I usually get when I've dropped down a bit. This is a huge step forward for me . I've decided that if any one chooses to prescribe them for me ever again i will politly tell them to shove them where the sun don't shine .
I've had the dye pots out for a test run . Just some yarn and fibre for me . I'll start on the stall stuff in a couple of weeks .I've been spinning some yummy BabyCamel / Silk , that my Grandsons bought me for Christmas . It's gorgeous really easy to spin.
Right off to finish the shawl I'm knitting :0)

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