Saturday, 29 January 2011

Grrrrreat News

Just a short post . This morning folks you find one extremely happy Bear. It's a gorgeous day , I feel absolutly fan-tast-ic and best of all
Words can't express how happy I am . I've been doing a major Happy dance since I found out :0)))))
Apparently they've been inundated with applications this year and i was up against some stiff competion so i count myself as very lucky .
Got to get the dye pots and sewing machine going me thinks .

Monday, 24 January 2011

Fibreholics Boxes

Can't think why I've never blogged about the Fibreholics Boxes before now . Could be with all the dross of last year I just didn't get round to it . Anyway I have now . 
Fibreholics is the place to sample a wide variety of UK independent dyers in one simple package.
The dyers send in 20grm samples of their wares and in turn they get sent out to people who buy a mixed bag of fibre or yarn .We get a fixed fee per sample paid to us . I've been doing it for a year now and it's been a Godsend with not working . It's meant I've had a little bit of income trickling in . Here are the samples I have sent in this time .
Lovely warm coloured Blue Faced Leicester .
And some nice cool coloured Blue Faced Leicester .
It was so bouncey I could hardly get the bag sealed up .

And things are still on the up for me as well .
I've been feeling much better this past couple of weeks . Dropping the Diazapam and getting back driveing have been huuuge steps . I feel at last I'm getting my life back on track .This week I hope to start dyeing fibres and yarns to get ready for Wonderwool in April .I've made a decision about Wonderwool as well . We usually take the caravan down and stay on site but this year as I wasn't to keen on towing i have decided to book B&B . It's taken a lot of pressure off me as I won't be moidering whether I can do it or not. 
Well off to put some fibre to soak .TTFN

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Normal Service .

Normal Service has resumed at Chez Bears .I'm back behind the wheel properly and zooming about . I've not had any probs and it's been like I was only off the road a few days rather than months. 
The best thing is we can resume our Railway Walks instead of traipsing round the back field . Meg is loving it .
We can also get heavy shopping again . You are a bit restricted with a shopping trolley .
Hospital appoinments will no longer be a problem , though I have to say a big thank you to Liz from S'N'B ,who put herself out to take us to Blackburn every month. Also a big thank you Sarah , also from S'N'B who has picked us up every Thursday for the past few months .

B Socks

Beatrix Socks
As you can see I have finished my 2nd sock for the Sock Challenge . I'm enjoying this and can't wait to cast on Socks C  . But I will have wait till the 1st of Feb to do that :0(
Never mind I've plenty of other knitting and spinning to do .

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Rain ,Rain, go away .

What a crap weekend this is . It's dark , miserable and it's not stopped raining since we got up.
You can't do anything when the weather is like this. We did go out to lunch yesterday with Amber and Mr Mog which was very nice but apart from the ride up to the pub we never went out .
I spent the afternoon knitting my B Socks for the sock challenge and watching Mama Mia DVD.
B Socks 003
This brought back some happy memories of an evening in the B&B we stayed in when we did Fibrefest in August 2009. Gemma . Julie , Sarah and Rachel from S'N'B and me spent the Saturday evening knitting ,nattering , drinking wine and singing along to the music of ABBA.
Ah well better get the wellies out and take Meg for a walk in the rain as there doesn't seem to be any letup.#
Off out agin tonight to celebrate No 3 son's birthday . Is my youngest really 32 ??!!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Back on the road again

I am very pleased to announce after 8 months, I'm back on the road again.
My car has a new battery and I went for a little drive up to Sainsbury's to put some air into the tyres .
Can't got to far yet as I have to have everything checked over by my cousin the Mechanic but I've made a start . I can't believe how easy I found it . The time must have been right cos a soon as my cousin had fitted the battery I just wanted to go .
Right I'm off for a brew and a calm down :0)

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Onward And Upwards

I've had quite a good day today . Ok so the bloody car still won't start even after a day on the charger but I'm not getting stressed out about it . I've not driven since last June a few more days aren't going to make much difference.
Anyway back to the good day.
I took my last quater of a tablet yesterday morning and as yet haven't had the wazzy head I usually get when I've dropped down a bit. This is a huge step forward for me . I've decided that if any one chooses to prescribe them for me ever again i will politly tell them to shove them where the sun don't shine .
I've had the dye pots out for a test run . Just some yarn and fibre for me . I'll start on the stall stuff in a couple of weeks .I've been spinning some yummy BabyCamel / Silk , that my Grandsons bought me for Christmas . It's gorgeous really easy to spin.
Right off to finish the shawl I'm knitting :0)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Don't tell anyone . Papa Bear has put the car battery on charge .
P.S .Grrr the bloody battery doesn't seem to be charging . My Cousin the Mechanic thinks we need a new one .

Monday, 10 January 2011

A bit of Sunshine.

Had quite a nice weekend this weekend . On Saturday I was taken up to Sawley to a new Spinning Guild by my friend Doctina from S'N'B and Rav . It was great, everyone was so nice and came over for a chat and to see what I was spinning. Had a lovely surprise when one of the members turned out to be an old friend from the Show circuit ,who I hadn't seen all year . Surfice to say I've joined and when I'm able will take turns with Doctina with the driving .
As Sunday was another sunny day we decided to do our long walk , 7miles , round Brindle to do the bird count for the BTO/ Bird Atlas Survey .We've been doing this twice a year for the past four years . This is the final year for the survey . Only two more counts to do in the Spring .
It looks like I may be driving soon :0) I just need to get the battery charged and psych myself up to driving the car up to My Cousin the Mechanic so he can give it a service before I get back on the road proper . Oo er Missus I'm a bit nervous . NO !! I'm a lot nervous but I've had a few volenteers who have said they'll come out with me for a few times . Watch this space .

Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Small Challenge

Well I've started the New Year off with a small year long challenge .
I've joined the 26 Pair A-Z Sock Challenge on Ravelry.
The aim is to knit 26 pairs of socks using patterns from A-Z in alphabetical order over the coming year .
Here's my A socks all finished
The pattern is Alda Road Socks by Tricia Welton-Hinkle available on Ravelry free .
I'm afraid the pattern seems lost on the pics but in "real life " they look good .
I'm looking forward to knitting up the other patterns I've chosen and it will keep my sock knitting cravings at bay. 
As you may have noticed in the side bar I have joined the millions who Tweet by joining Twitter .
If you are one of this mad band you can find me there as Laalbear ( who else ??!! ) 
I'm trying to get my dyeing mojo back and have just taken delivery of some British Falkland Merino High Twist sock yarn . Phew that was a mouthful .It's gorgeous and soft and very sproingy . And I'm awaiting the arrival of some Sparkly Sock Yarn in early Feb .All should be ready in time for Wonderwool Wales in April .
We've booked our hols as well . We are having a belated Ruby Wedding Anniversary treat and going to Seaton in Cornwall for two weeks in a luxury apartment here.
We're going on the recomendation of our neighbours . The apartments are so close to the beach that you go to sleep listening to the sounds of the sea. That's good enough for me :0)

Saturday, 1 January 2011

40 Years ago .

Happy New Year to you all .
I can't believe it's forty years since I gave birth to my first born son at 12-50 a.m. New Years Day 1971 .
 Now he's all growed up .
He was born to the sound of the hooters going off on Preston Dock , which I could here through the open window of the delievery room .Much water has flowed under the bridge since then and he was joined along the way by two brothers and a sister .
Five Grandchildren have also arrived and we eagerly await number six in March .
Not bad going really :0)