Sunday, 5 April 2009

Don't panic ,Captain Mainwaring !!!!!

Don't Panic !! The words often shouted to Captain Mainwaring by Corporal Jones on Dad's Army . Well I am, panicking that is .This has been one heck of a week trying to get things finished for Easter at Silloth Craft Fair . Going to collect the caravan from caravan hospital ( don't ask ) Going to see if we could find a new one . Cleaning and sorting said van out and doing all the shopping to restock it to go away .Luckily the weather has been fine to get it done . Yesterday was spent printing new price labels for everything and putting said labels on stuff . This morning has been spent loading the car . The weather forecast has given rain for tomorrow and as we have new stands and new boxes it needed time to decide what went where . Anyway it all seems to have gone in OK . I've now just got to remember what goes where :0)
Now the real panic is I haven't got enough yarn dyed for Wonderwool yet , there's still 5kilos to do . Which I knew about and had planned to set to when we got back buuuuut we are being invaded from the South . Number 1 son has decided to come up on the Tuesday with the Boys . He will stay Tues night go up to the Lakes Weds and back to stay with us Thurs . I couldn't say no as we haven't seen them since October . On top of that we have another Grandson coming to stay Thurs and Fri . Wonderwool is the following weekend but we will leave here on the Friday .
So I am going to PANIC big time !!!!!!!!!!!
On a lighter note look what the postie brought on Wednesday , my new baby .
Everybody seems to be naming their wheels lately so meet "Wilbury " so called because he's a Traveller . ( Traveling Wilburys ... Super Group .... Bob Dylan .. Roy Orbison et al )
Well I thought it was good anyway :0)
I 'm quite pleased with myself about getting this wheel . I didn't do my usual of I want I get on the plastic . I liquidated some of my assets that haven't been used or read for ages so beating the credit crunch.
Right I'm off to finish getting ready for next week , Oh and I've got to make some Batts for Wonderwool as well . It's never ending

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ambermoggie said...

At least you won't be bored:)