Thursday, 30 April 2009

I has been Knittin'

This is good two posts in two days . I've been doing a jot of knitting of late so i thought I would share my projects with you .I wanted some short Summer ankle socks to wear with sandals on chilly days and couldn't find a pattern I liked , as usual . So i chose 3 ,50grm hanks of Merino / Tencel from the shop stock and cast on 60 sts and this is the result .
I got the butterfly stitch out of my Vogue Stitchionary and invented the rest .

With the yarn that was left I cast on 60 sts again and got these .
I got this stitch from the sweater DH has made out of his Son of Stitch and Bitch book and it's worked really well . I like the cool feel of the yarn and there is another pair on the needles as I write .
I knit this using my HUUUUge stash of Patons Jet yarn . It knits like butter and is lovely and warm.
The pin is made by my tame Woodturner Kevin . It really compliments the jacket. I have another jacket on the needles in this fab yarn . Pics soon .
And my fabulous shawl. The yarn is my own hand dyed , hand spun Shetland with a border of combined FeltstudioUK and Wildfirefibres fibre.
It is my pride and joy as this is the finest I have spun to date . I had it pinned up at Wonderwool and it got quite a few comments .
I'm having a good catching up week , this week . Doing all the jobs that have got queued whilst I have been busy dyeing . I have updated my projects on Ravelry and I have updated the show dates in the side bar , so you all know where to find me this Summer .
I'm off to do some long awaited spinning on my new wheel .


Dajon said...

Those socks are very cute.


ambermoggie said...

wonderful, all of it. I especially love the butterfly socks

Pearl said...

Love those butterfly stitch socks. Hand knitted socks are so addictive one pair is never enough.