Friday, 1 May 2009

A Mayday / Beltane walk through the woods.

May day / Beltane greetings . The first of May already . I got up early this morning to wash my face in the morning dew just like in the poem
The fair maid who , the first of May
Goes to the field at the break of day
And walks in dew from the hawthorn tree
Will ever handsome Be .
Well I don't know about the handsome bit , but I've washed my face in the morning dew on May Day for as long as I can remember and my skin is blemish free and there's hardly any wrinkles ( who needs Oil of Ulay ).
As it was a gorgeous morning with the Sun shining brightly we went out for an early walk. We decided to go to Brinscall Woods somewhere we hadn't been for years . We used to go a lot with our other dogs but after they had gone we stopped going.
So grab a brew and come with me for a walk through the woods on May Day .We started at the lodge at the back of the baths at Brinscall.
Meg went wild when we let her off the lead . All the new smells put her nose in overdrive .
Bluebells in bud.
Strolling along the bank of the Goit . This is the water supply for Bolton.
This young Collie was on the other side of the bank puzzling out how to get to Meg.
One of the bridges.
"I'll take one of you , while you're taking one of me "
This is the leet for when the Goit is in full flood.
The gorgeous Meg posing
Looking up to the canopy.
Meg again amongst the Bluebells . they are not quite out yet so I think another walk up there is on the cards for next week .
Some that where out.
Up until the 1930's the land where the wood is was habited by a small community of farmers but when the Water Board acquired the land for a water supply for Bolton , the people where cleared off . These buildings are all that's left to prove that people lived here.
They are stables and byres for the farm animals.
There's been another big clearance, since last we were up there , all the pine trees have been cut down and this is allowing the native broad leaf varieties to grow .
Meg had a whale of a time but got very muddy.
So DH had to give her a quick wash in the beck . She was not very pleased as she hates the sound of running water.
On our way back we went past Johnsons Hillock Locks on the Leeds Liverpool canal and saw this lovely narrow boat moored just by the lock.
A close up of the sign on the back of the boat . I wonder if they sail up and down the canal selling there wears . That is something I've always wanted to do . What a life .
This is the view from their back door .
I hope you enjoyed the walk as much as we did :0))
It's raining now :0(


ambermoggie said...

Fabulous, haven't been there in a while. My uncle lives very close to where you were:)

Jean said...

What a lovely walk to experience the woods around you. Thank you for the journey.