Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Big Dissapointment

No pictures with this post as what I have to tell you doesn't have any .
I am getting ready to attend a steam rally over the coming weekend and have to get all my stuff ready . As I will be taking all the other crafts I can only manage to take part of my hand dyes so this afternoon i decided to sort out what I was going to take with me.
I haven't touched the boxes of wool since I got back from Wonderwool Wales , a bit lax of me i know but I've had loads of other crafty things to do , so I thought I'd do a mini stock take as well . This is where the disappointment comes in .When I checked all the yarns I've discovered that I have had six skeins of wool stolen from my stall during Wonderwool weekend worth £54 . How am I so positive ?
A. All sales are recorded . None were missed .
B. I knew exactly what amounts of each colour there was as it had all been dyed especially for Wonderwool .
C . Most importantly, I know definitely that I did not sell any of this particular yarn over the weekend .
I am very upset and bitterly disappointed that a fellow knitter or knitters ,as the case may be , or anyone could do such a thing . I work hard at my little business and £54 is a lot of money to me . Perhaps somebody out there is reading this blog and knows what they've done and I hope their consciences are pricking them hard . The yarn won't do them any good as it was ill gotten.
I have been doing fairs for over 16 years and this is the first time anything has been stolen from me and it grieves me to think that now I've got to be extra vigilant ,even at wool fairs .
Sorry it's a bit of a miserable post but that's how I feel .


Anonymous said...

That is so mean, I'm really sorry to hear that someone has done that to you.

ambermoggie said...

It won't do them any good, so sorry it happened:(

Gemma said...

Karma will out! xxxx

I've tagged you on my blog, pop over if you get bored xxx