Monday, 11 May 2009

Time for a rant.

I wish to have a rant .I've just been sitting in the garden , in the sunshine , having a coffee . I'm surrounded by Forget me Nots , Wisteria, Mexican Orange blossom, early Honeysuckle and Clematis. Great you may think all those lovely perfumed flowers wafting on the breeze. WRONG !!!!! All I can smell is the strong artificial perfume of next door's washing . They must have used a gallon of fabric conditioner in their wash . I don't use the stuff prefareing my clean clothes to smell of fresh natural air instead of some manufactured smell .


ambermoggie said...

yuck:( I would much rather have a fresh air smell, you can't beat getting into clean sheets that have been dried outdoors.

Marianne said...

I whole heartedly agree! I have to come indoors when the neighbors are tending their laundry.
I make my own clothes soap which has a very faint scent (from the Fels Naphtha) and I toss in some white vinegar in the rinse water (to further cut any remaining soap), my clothes just smell sweet and fresh all on their own.
Your gardens are beyond lovely and so are the photos of the sky in your current post.