Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Posh Venue for a New Knitting Group

Me and Papa Bear went out last night with The Mogs
to a new knitting group in Morecambe . The venue was .... Here . The Midland Hotel . How posh is that !!!!!?????

The weather was horrendous ,as you can see . Me and Amber getting battered by the wind.
I've been wanting to see inside the hotel since it reopened after being refurbished.
See just to prove I got in there . This piece of rock was served with the coffee .
This is one of the original Eric Gill fresco's .
This is part of another
These pics don't do it justice.
The mosaic on the ceiling above the spiral staircase.
Unfortunately it was quite dark.
Art Deco seats in the foyer.

Seahorse mosaic on the floor.
This was as far as we could go . There was another fresco upstairs but only residents where allowed up.
It was a lovely evening and a big Thank You to Alison for setting it up . It's going to be a regular group , meeting on the first Monday of the month . We will definitely be going again.

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Xtiand said...

Wow, a knitting group in the Midland, I may well have to join you for a meeting...to get the slice of rock and admire the building as well as the knitting!