Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Bit more Knitting , Hawthorn and passing on skills

Where has this week gone . I just realised I hadn't blogged for over a week . I've been busy with all sorts of bits and pieces to do with the business . Helping Papa Bear with his blog , which he is coping with quite nicely . I've made him some reminder cards so he can do it himself without me standing over him . May is one of my favourite months because of the Hawthorn blossom. I had a long walk all by myself last week , well Meg was with me and I noticed that there were quite a few Hawthorns standing alone . This was like a huge fountain.
This a the only one in a glade of trees .

And this was all by it self as well . The wind was blowing and it was warm so the perfume from them was quite heady . I wonder why such a sweet smelling blossom is thought of as unlucky if taken into a house other than May Day eve .?? Can anyone enlighten me .?
Another jacket . Now I've had a few messages about my knitting and the fact I don't put enough info about the things I knit Sooooo.
Pattern is Elsewhere : A Ravelry download
Yarn :Paton's Jet
Weight : Aran
How's that . It took me a week to knit and is very easy.
Another Elsewhere .
Yarn : My Own Hand Dyed Merino in colourway Happy Hippy .
Weight Aran . All these jackets are for my holidays to Devon in two weeks time .
This picture I am very proud of . On Saturday DD came for a visit and I was showing her all my knitting projects . After a while she said she thought she should do some knitting so I found her needles and wool and off she went . I had taught her as a little girl but she had never shown a lot of interest . Anyway she was able to cast on and start to knit. I was so pleased . I only have one daughter and it feels nice to be passing on my skills to the next generation. I've found a simple pattern and some wool so she can have a go at making a jumper for her friend's little girl . Hopefully I'll be posting a pic on here :0)

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