Thursday, 28 May 2009

Still Here.

Yes I'm still here, after the trauma of last week . Thank you to those who got in touch .I posted a thread on a couple of Groups on Ravelry and the response was amazing, so much support from people I've never even met. Anyway I'm not going to dwell on it , it's gone now . I'll just have to be a bit more vigilant in future. We've been away this weekend to do the Border City Steam Fair. What a disappointment . I didn't even take any pics. I'm can't even be bothered to go into detail about what I thought of it . The only good thing was I managed to make these lovely little socks for my hols . Three pairs in three days that shows how not busy we were . I made them with just one 100grm ball of my Summer Sundae range of yarn and three 25grm balls of contrasts .
A simple basket weave for the turquoise ones .
A sort of cockle shell design for the lemon.
And a cabley one for the lilac.
They'll be ideal for wearing with sandals or crocs if it's chilly .
The yarn and the patterns for the socks will be available at Woolfest next month . As will the yarn and patterns for the socks I posted a few weeks ago .
Only six more days to go then we'll be in sunny Devon .Can't wait . We are meeting up with several people from Ravelry and going to their knitting groups. Plus a visit to John Arbon again at Coldharbour Mill . I've got 9 kilos of yarn to pick up from him . The caravan is all packed and ready on the drive . Can I go now please ??????
I saved something nice for my last pics . I love poppies and these pretty ladies showed their faces last week . I have a very pale pink variety as well but they aren't out yet .
I nice close up . Aren't the colours stunning.
Ah! well back to work . I may get another post in before I go away .
P.S. We got some great news tonight . We've beeen paying in to our local football team's sweepstake for about eighteen months now and tonight when the man came round for our monthly payment he brought with him a cheque for £1000. We'd won the first prize in this months draw. Yipee !!!!!!! Certainly makes up for last week .


Dajon said...

Sorry the fair was not busy.
Well done on winning the sweepstake.


ambermoggie said...

gorgeous pictures and well done on the money. You both deserve it:)