Sunday, 31 May 2009

A View from a Brew

Another beautiful morning. I was up early again today 6-30a.m. I don't close the curtains at night ,when Summer comes along . I like to be wakened by the light and get up early and enjoy the day . For the third day running I've breakfasted in the garden ,by the pond with the sun on my back . What could be nicer .This is what I see as I'm sat there .
A View from a Brew ( for international readers to me a brew is a cup of tea )

Buddah enjoying the sunshine from behind the Geraniums .
Look at these . Thousands of baby spiders they had just emerged . They were running up and down one of the canes in my Sweet Pea tubs .
Another Poppy has opened . This time it's the pale one . I love the deep burgundy centre
A bit of knitting. I've finished my third Elsewhere jacket . This time it has three quarter sleeves and is a nice addition to my Summer wardrobe.
I've started the wind down to the holidays . We go away on Wednesday and all the jobs are done apart from sorting a projects bag out to take with me I can relax. The weather seems to be hotting up now so it looks like we are going to have plenty of sunshine . I spoke to the man from the site we are staying on in Devon and he said the forecast was good.
We've finally come back down to earth after our windfall of Thursday . We've decided to put the money in our fund for a new caravan , with what I've saved already we can now get a much newer one .
This is the last post for May . I may get one more post in before we go away . We are off to the Midland Hotel knitting group again tomorrow so there may be some photos of Morecambe Bay to post .

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