Friday, 8 May 2009

Gardens, Faeries, Magazines and Credit card fraud.

The weather here this past week has been very up and down. Last Saturday it was gorgeous so me and Papa Bear decided to do some gardening . I weeded all the rockery and thinned some of the Forget me Not out as it was smothering some of my other plants . I love the big drift of blue in the Spring though. I planted a couple of plants about 12 years ago and just let them get on with it . This year has seen it at it's best .
This is what greets me at the back door and there's a lovely perfume as well . After taking this I thinned these out as well . My Auricula's could be seen then.
Next I tied up a patch under the Magnolia tree and was sure what to do with it . It's quite a shady little glade . So what likes shady little glades then ???......
Faeries and elves of course . So now " There are Faeries at the bottom of Our Garden "
I'm quite pleased with it and you never know the real thing might come calling :0)
A little bit of fame. Preston S'N'B are the featured Knitting Group in this months The Knitter magazine . Sarah , one of the members, organised it and five of us had our Garments featured .
I had my Rainbow Socks featured .
On a bit of a down note yesterday I had a call from my credit card company to let me know someone had got hold of my credit card details and had been having a spending spree with it . I couldn't stop shaking when he told me . Anyway he went through all the sales that had appeared on the statement and I was able to tell him which weren't mine . It is now sorted . He thinks they got my details from a certain popular book selling website as I had inadvertently left them on there . He'd been in contact with another customer and that was the common denominator . So lesson learnt ,I'm letting you know how easy it is . From now on I will be uber cautious about where I shop online and make sure my details aren't stored .
A little lighter note . I went for a walk with Meg yesterday , along the railway walk and coming back I saw this . It looks like it's been snowing doesn't it ? Well it's an enormous patch of Ransoms ( wild garlic ) . I've never seen so much . It was all along the banking and smelt really strong. For once this week it was warm but windy but today we are back to some rain again. Lets hope the old adage " A wet and windy May fills the barns with corn and hay " holds true .

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