Saturday, 18 April 2009

Visitors from the South.

It's been rather hectic this week as we were invaded from the South by No 1 son and his boys and then No2 son's boy came to stay on Thursday . When you're used to being just two of you it's a bit of a shock when they come . We had a good time though . It was gorgeous yesterday afternoon so I treated them all to the Railway Walk .There were loads of butterflies about but I only managed to capture this Orange Tip .
Beautiful Wild Violets

Not sure what this tree is but it was absolutely covered in blossom.
No 1 son and No 's 1,2, and 3 Grandsons . Look how green everything is turning . It was only a few weeks ago there was no leaves at all .
The next generation .
I have never seen as many Cowslips as I have this year . All the way along the walk there are huge clumps .
And the gorgeous Meg sat amongst them .
More unknown blossom. I think it maybe crab apple but I'm not sure .
It was a lovely walk and the boys enjoyed running up and down in the fresh air . It was a nice end to their visit. The house was very quiet last night when they'd all gone .
This morning I was up at the crack of dawn to start my Dyeathon ready for Wonderwool . The results will be posted soon . I have done half and tomorrow I will hopefully finish it all off . I'm so glad the weather is with me as it all dries in no time .
I have just had a hot bath and now I have an appointment with a bottle of Rose . TTFN .
P.S Don't know if you've noticed I've taken the music off so you can read the blog in peace . Half the songs had starngely dissapeared anyway :0)

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