Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Wanderers return .

We got back from Cumbria early Tuesday morning after a good weekend .We had to come home early as we had got family coming up to stay .The Gods were kind to us and sent us four days of sunshine and most importantly NO wind. It was ,however, blowing a Hooley when we got to the caravan site last Wednesday and we had quite a few heavy showers but at the time i didn't care we were back on the road again . I love being out in the caravan and both Papa Bear and I sleep like babies whenever we are away in it .
On the Thursday we went over to Johnby to see our friend Cae , who we haven't seen since we seen since last October. We caught up on all the gossip over a coffee . We then headed off to see the new Woolclip shop at Caldbeck.The had only moved across the courtyard but what an amazing difference .
This is the old mill workings , which is now a feature in the shop .
It's twice the size as the other . This pic was taken from not quite the back and you can see how far away DH was . Note the comfy settees to sit and knit if you want . And for the first time ever I did not buy anything . I'm saving my pennies for Woolfest . Aren't I good ????
On Friday we set up the stall for the four day fair . The new stands worked great and everything went up double quick time. We had visits from friends , Amber and Mr Mog came on Friday , Angeldust , from Ravelry came on Saturday and Tessaknits also from Ravelry came on Monday .
All the wools and fibres. We had some good sales and we ended the weekend in profit. I think we'll go back next year , if it's still on . Mal and Janet did a great job organising the fair at such short notice and we will support them as much as we can .
Now just a few random pics of Cumbria.
This is Silloth promenade taken Sunday morning.
A lovely pastoral scene . This was the field next to the caravan site . How blue is that sky . The pic was taken about 5-30pm .
A lamb having it's tea.

I will leave you with the sun setting over the Solway.

I have got a huge work load ahead of me over the next week . Loads of yarn and fibre to dye . I've managed to tie all the yarn and all the dyes are mixed so as soon as the visitors have gone tomorrow it will be nose to the grindstone so to speak .


Dajon said...

Glad you had a good weekend,
The Stall looks great.


ambermoggie said...

fabulous sun over Solway:)