Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ready , Steady , Go!!!

I don't how I've done it but I have , everything is ready . The car's loaded , the caravan 's loaded and every thing finished.Apart from a few bits to put in and do the fresh food shopping we're all ready to go . Unfortunately the weather forecast isn't brilliant and talking to Papa Bear last night this may be our last Easter Craft Fair outside . The weather is just to unpredictable . Last year because Easter was so early we nearly died from hypothermia and the marquee all but blew down . It is a little warmer but Silloth is renowned for the wind . I've finished my shawl and I am so pleased with it . I am proud to say it is hand dyed , hand spun and hand knitted. The body of the shawl is Shetland , which was a dream to spin and the purple border was the batt I got for Christmas from the Secret Santa at S'N'B .
It started off as a Swallowtail Shawl but I realised the pattern was only for a capelet so I just carried on and did my own thing . This is a close up of the coloured.
I also managed to get some batts made yesterday for Wonderwool , so that's one job less to do when I get back . TTFN and I will post about Easter when we get back .


Dajon said...

Thanks for the message
Hope you have a good time too
Stay warm

D&J xx

Artis-Anne said...

It looks really lovely Ursula congratulations and good luck for the weekend and I hope all the folks go 'batty' for stuff ;)

Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

beautiful colours - love your blog and the batts - and think of you everytime I use my knitting bag...

Best wishes