Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wonderwool and a touch of Phlebitis

A rather belated posting about Wonderwool . I'm afraid it's slightly bereft of pics because every time I went for a wander I forgot my camera.
We set of bright and early Friday morning and had an uneventful journey . I was quite relaxed driving down this year as I new the road and what to expect . Last year I was rather nervous cos if you look on the map and see the A483 you'll see it gets rather twisty and bendy the further south you get . Thankfully the hills aren't to big . It took three hours and twenty five minutes , which wasn't bad as there was rather a lot of roadworks . People who came down later had got stuck in queues of standing traffic. we got the caravan set up and had some lunch then went to set the stall up. It's layed out differently to Woolfest , the stalls are bays with high white walls giving it a more corporate feel than the cattle mart at Cockermouth.After deciding where to have the tables we began the task of unloading and turning this into.......
This . We had an area of 9 square metres to work with and it all went in well .

Loads of sock blockers . I wasn't sure how to display these . Then Papa Bear came up with the idea of using one of the coat stands I'd taken for my wool which I couldn't use because I'd forgotten the folding compartment thingys to put the wool in . (see next pic )
It worked brilliantly and we are going to do it again for Woolfest.
This is what the coat stand should have looked like :0)
The only other pic I took was of the Alpacas . They are so cute.
We had a good show and met loads of Ravellers . It was good putting faces to Ravatars . Plus of course the " Gang " Ambermoggie , Mr Mog , Artis Anne and her other half Tony , who I've christened The Hobbit , no offence meant ;) He's the only man I've ever been eye to eye with as it were . And Krafty Kath , Annie and Tony's daughter.
I didn't buy much because to tell you the truth nothing really caught my eye except these . A huge bump of Deep Purple Organic Merino from John Arbon of Coldharbour Mill and two skeins of Wool and Silk sock yarn for my Summer socks .
We came home Sunday night as soon as we'd packed up , to avoid traffic . I drove none stop for three and half hours and that's where the Phlebitis comes in. Because I'd been on my feet all weekend and then the drive home without stretching my legs and my history of thrombosis I've developed Phlebitis on the inside of my right thigh. A trip to the docs this morning ended with a telling off , antibiotics and told that in future when I am working I MUST wear support tights :0(
On a brighter note readers of this blog will know about my struggle with my weight . If you look in the side bar the weight loss had ground to a big halt .Weeeell I've got a confession it not only ground to a halt I put half a stone back on .BUT last week I took myself in hand and rejoined Weightwatchers . Yesterday I went for my first weigh in and I've lost 4 lbs . Yeh !
It's five weeks to the hols so I'm hoping I'll be able to get into all my Summer clothes by then .
Paps Bear has joined me as well and he's lost 3lbs . It will be better for my leg if I get this weight off so that in itself is motivation . Wish me luck :0)


Kath said...

I wonder who it was who got stuck in the standing traffic?! Still I had a good run back on the Sunday. You're the second person this week who's thought that Tony's my Dad - mines got loads less hair!!
Got to have met you this weekend, hope you get better soon!

ambermoggie said...

We got stuck in traffic as well as Kath:) Hope the leg is feeling better.