Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Recipe for dyeing a whole lot of Yarn

I've been a tad busy as you will see . After bidding a fond farewell to my son and family I rose early on Saturday morning and commenced the big dyeing job . Here is the " Recipe ".You take a whole pile of undyed yarn and fibre .

Several bottles of dye , which you mixed previously when everyone was out last week .
You splosh it all over said fibre and yarn ( forgot to take a pic of this bit )
Then you put it in the steamer to set the dye .
Then having chosen the sunniest weekend of the year you dry it outside . This BFL and Trekkin sock wool .
This is Merino / Tencel .

Then ,as the weather is still nice and you don't want to miss it you get your DH to put a table out in the garden and reskein all the dried yarn . Not forgetting the radio so that you can listen to The Archers while you wind :0)

When it's all rewound you gaze on it with relief that it didn't take as long as you thought it would . Everything is now ready for Wonderwool this weekend just a bit of labeling to do and load it all into the car .
See you all there .


ambermoggie said...

Is that all you did:))
You did wonderfully getting all that ready. See youa t the weekend

Artis-Anne said...

Not much is it Amber ;) Shall we bother going to see it ? LOL
Great work cariad ;)