Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Goings on in the garden

There's been big goings on in the garden this week . Much pursuing of females by rampant males . Much fighting amongst rival males . Much writhing of bodies and deep throaty noises . Even a few threesomes here and there with the end result pictured below .The frogs are back !!!!!! Only a few yet but this is the first batch of spawn to be laid . We've had frogs coming to the pond for the last 38 years . They've began arriving last week and if last yaer is anything to go by we ain't seen nothing yet . At one stage there was seventy odd frogs in one day you should have heard them . You could even hear them when the door was shut . Especially in the evening. I did have a picture of the threesome but it looked a bit to gruesome so I didn't put it on the blog . Didn't want to put you off your breakfast/ dinner/ tea.
Look what the overnight frost did to my poor little daffodils last night.
Look what the sun did to them later on in the morning. It never ceases to amaze me . You come down and the daffies and helebores all look limp and lollopy with the frost , like there dead . Then out comes old Solly to warm them and up they pop again. Ain't Mother Nature wonderful.
Here endeth today's nature lesson.

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