Saturday, 8 March 2008

Vandalism and knitting

A strange Blog title you may think . Allow me to elucidate . This morning I got up feeling extremely upbeat as I had achieved a lot of progress this week with my sewing. I've caught up really well after the weeks of decorating. But I should have known better . Every time things are going well for me somebody up there decides I need a slap in the face , I can guarentee it.
Today my slap in the face came in the shape of some TOERAG !!!!!! kicking the wing mirrors off my car. Said car is a Galaxy so whoever did it was big as the mirrors are large and need a hell of a lot of force to get them off. What is the mentality of these people that they get there kicks out of destroying other peoples property.??????? God knows how much it will cost to put right but it's money I can ill afford and as I have quite a high excess on my insurance it probably won't be worth claiming. Thank God I have my cousin The Mechanic he won't need paying straight away.
Anyway this is some of what I've been doing. These are the Sock Knitters Companions . Useful holders for your DPN's and other bits and pieces . Aren't the colours gorgeous.
These are my Railway knitting. Most of it was done on our Grand Day Out to York last week . As a tribute to one of my Favourite films The Railway Children I have called them Bobbie after one of the children . Keep a look out for Phyll and Peter. It's not such a good pic . You can't see the cables on the mitts very well . I have used some of my Hand Dyed Merino and they are very soft and warm. I'm hoping to get the pattern written up in time for Wonderwool Wales to sell with the wool.

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ambermoggie said...

what a pain Ursula, there are some real scum bags about aren't there? I love the pictures:)