Thursday, 13 March 2008

Little Bit Poorly

I've been feeling a bit poorly. Got a really funny headache Tuesday , even took to my bed for an hour to see if it would help. That is so not like me ,I don't do poorly. Anyway even though I'm still a bit behind yesterday I took the day off . There was a time I would have carried on and ended up worse but I'm getting sensible in my old age . He ! he! After I'd done my chores I settled down to a day of knitting on the sofa , nice and relaxed . Felt much recharged this morning . New pic of the Bobbie Mitts worked in my Merino . You can see all the cables now.
As promised here is Phyll worked in my Pure Wool . This is what I was doing yesterday

On Tuesday before the headache kicked in I sent off all the forms for the Summer Shows . I think there's only a couple to come now and that will be all July, August and part of September booked up . Cumbria here we come .
Well it's more like Cumbria here we come again as we are going up To Silloth next week for an Easter Craft fair. I hope the weather is better than it has been . We are going to have to go by a different route as the road we usually travel on has had part of it washed away.
I think prayers to the weather Gods are called for .
All shows will be listed in the sidebar by the weekend. That's if you're interested of course.

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