Sunday, 30 March 2008

Hats for babies in Africa

DH and I were watching The Paul O'Grady Show the other night , as is our wont, and he showed some film of him in Africa with the Save the Children Fund . After the film he made an appeal for knitted hats for New Borns in Africa . So on Saturday afternoon with the weather so cold and wet we settled down with wool and needles to watch The African Queen , great film they don't make them like that anymore, and knitted .We carried on knitting till bedtime and produced these . We did stop for tea etc and as bedtime was nine o'clock , on account of the hour we were going to lose , I don't think we did to bad.
If you want to know all about hats for New Borns go to Paul's website here
and click on the Save the Childen picture.
Every little helps.

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ambermoggie said...

lovely hats you two:) I am going to make some as a change from the socks so thanks for the idea:)