Saturday, 5 April 2008

Spring . What Spring ?????

What is going on with the weather ? It's supposed to be Spring , it's officially British Summer Time , what was it doing 10 minites ago ? Hailstoning the size of marbles . The big white spot on the pic isn't a fault , it's a hailstone . As i'm writing this the sun has come back out and it's brilliant again. I think Mother Nature ishaving an off day. This week I've been busy . Hence no Blog . As you can see below, my dining room looks like the store room at Sirdar. I have dyed every day this week and luckily the weather has been very blowey and I got it all dry . Next task is reskein it and label it . There's some BFL , some Alpaca / Silk , some Alpaca / Merino , some Merino/ Tencel , some Wool / Alpaca laceweight , some Botany wool laceweight and last of all some Lambswool lace weight. All to get ready in time for Wonderwool Wales.
Look what I got this week . A Nodding Buster. I sent Paul O'Grady a pic and an email of the little hats we'd made for the babies in Africa . He read it out on Tuesday and yesterday I got this .
It will have pride of place in the caravan this Summer.

Last but not least , I backed the winning horse in the Grand National , again!! I've been having a flutter since I was about ten . My Dad used to let me pick a horse and he would put sixpence each way on for me . I've never missed a year since and every year i've either won or had a place. I don't put much on it's just to see if I haven't lost my touch. I think I've won about £4 this year . Dh has just gone to the bookies.

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